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Spring for Fitness!

Though the seven-day forecast shows an abundance of rain (and maybe even a little more snow!), spring is just around the corner. It’s time to march into health and wellness, and update your fitness routine for the new season!


After months of the same indoor routines, motivation can seem sparse, if non-existent. This is the time to get up, get out (or at least plan your upcoming spring excursions), take advantage of Portland’s many green spaces, and the numerous programs/offerings happening at your OAC Club to keep you moving into spring!

Most people are more likely to keep working toward their goals if they vary their routines. That’s why we suggest mixing it up! Make it a springtime goal to try at least 1-2 new things a month:

  • Go walking, or take a jog in a nearby park on the next dry day.
  • Try a new group fitness class, sign up for a personal training package if you’ve never worked individually with a trainer (or just need a bit more excitement injected into your workout plans!).
  • Learn (with the help of a trainer) how to use a new piece of fitness equipment or weights.
  • Train for something specific (like one of the city’s many run/walks or triathlons which usually also benefit a local charity).
  • Join a new training group that meets regularly, where you’ll receive sport-specific advice and group motivation.
  • Join a Weight Management Program for nutrition advice and camaraderie.

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Zumba & 1GOAL Campaign Fight Poverty, Support Education

The South African World Cup 2010 and 1GOAL (a campaign seizing the power of football to ensure education for all) initiated a world-wide campaign urging global leaders to help the 69 million children who have been denied an education by the next World Cup (Brazil, 2014).

Singer/Performer Shakira, a 1GOAL Ambassador, asked long time friend Beto Perez (creator of Zumba) to engage Zumba Fitness Instructors in supporting the cause by having them choreograph and taping a dance to the official song of the World Cup 2010, WAKA WAKA (This time for Africa)!

OAC’s very own instructor Orlando Tercero and Nicole Robinson choreographed such a Zumba routine with his class at Bethany Athletic Club to help support the cause. Enjoy the show, and please help support this great organization!

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Foam Roller Workshop Helps Participants Combat Chronic Pain

Muscle knots leaving you tense? Learn how you can utilize a foam roller and other small props to assist with myofascial release and trigger-point massage during this beneficial workshop led by Amy Harris at Bethany Athletic Club on Saturday, November 19 (11:00 am to 12:30 pm).

With regular practice, participants will experience lasting joint mobility, increased range of motion, eased pain/stiffness, and tension relief.

Members pay: $20. Non-Members: $30. Foam Rollers avaible for purchase: $15

For more information, contact: Amy Harris

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Group Kettlebell Training Hits Hawthorn Farm!

Interested in using kettlebells, but not sure where to begin? Try out Hawthorn Farm’s new group class (Thursday, November 18, from 7:15-8:15 pm) led by Eric Quon and designed to teach you how to incorporate kettlebell training into an existing fitness program or create alternative kettlebell workouts.

Prerequisite: A one-on-one session is required prior to attending the class, in order to learn the fundamentals of kettlebells. Cost for the prerequisite session is included in the price of the Kettlebell Training class. Total cost for members: $125

For more information, contact: Eric Quon

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Early Bird Boot Camp at RiverPlace

Get up early for a great workout! 

RiverPlace trainer Kimberly Berg will lead this bootcamp designed for all levels (Starts November 16, and meets on Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:00-7:00 am). Each class will include cardiovascular training, interval spurts and strength training, and utilizes both the TRX suspension system and kettlebells for an added challenge. Sessions will take place both outdoors and in the gym! 

Members pay: $99 for 1 session/week, or $180 for 2 sessions/week.

For more information, contact: Kimberly Berg

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It’s Time for Winter Sports Conditioning at RiverPlace!


It’s almost winter, which means it’s the perfect time to start preparing yourself for the snow sports you love! Personal trainer Steph Loughney leads this 60 min class at RiverPlace Athletic Club, which includes six weeks of: strength training, cardio and plyometrics utilizing the TRX system and slide boards to help prepare you for snowshoeing, downhill and cross-country skiing.  Come prepared to challenge yourself in a fun group setting that will raise your winter sports activities to a whole new level! Session begins: November 9, and meets every Tuesday at 6:00 pm. Members pay: $90. Non-Members: $150.

For more information, contact: Steph Loughney

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RiverPlace Adds a “Kick” to Pilates Classes

Pilates Instructor, Erin Karrigan

Want to add a cardio kick to your regular Pilates routine? Join Pilates instructor Erin Karrigan at RiverPlace Athletic Club for a special six-week class (Mondays at 5:30 pm) that incorporates jumpboards into Reformer workouts for an added strength/core/cardio challenge. This class is also great for avid cyclists and skiers interested in ways to stay in shape all season long!

Session begins November 8. Members pay: $108. Non-Members: $168

For more information, contact: Erin Karrigan

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Experience Pilates Week at Bethany Athletic Club

Pilates, which was originally developed by Joseph Pilates in 1883, primarily seeks to develop controlled movement from a strong core and utilizes both a mat as well as various apparatuses. Participants often report dramatic results, including: improved core stability, strength, flexibility, improved posture and balance, and stronger/longer/leaner muscles.

Join the Bethany Athletic Club Pilates Personal Trainers the week of November 8-13 for complimentary demos utilizing the Reformer apparatus, and learn what this incredible practice can do for you!

Purchase a month of classes between Monday, November 8th and Saturday, November 13th, and get a month free—a $100 value offered only once a year!

Interested? Please contact Bethany’s front desk to sign up for a complimentary class: (503.690.2100), or contact Michelle Gorman for more information.

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Mature Adult Success Stories at OAC

(…Continued from the Holiday 2010 Member Newsletter)

No matter what our age, medical experts agree that it’s essential to keep a holistic view of health and wellness. But as we age, it becomes even more crucial to an individual’s vitality to remain physically active and committed to both sound nutrition and regular cognitive stimulation. As a component of such activity, physical fitness can help slow the signs of aging and keep individuals fit as they move into the latter years of their life.

No one aspect of physical activity is more important than another. Professional trainers and medical experts recommend that mature adults balance their training by incorporating cardiovascular conditioning, aerobic exercise and strength training, as well as disciplines that encourage the development of core strength, flexibility and balance in order to ensure overall health.

Oregon Athletic Clubs is committed to working with its vibrant population of mature adult members to help them improve their health and fitness habits, and has developed a number of group fitness offerings, special workshops and training methods focused specifically on this segment of the population.

RiverPlace Athletic Club Feature

RiverPlace Athletic Club member Susan Marthen and her husband David Nackerud joined the club 14 years ago after moving to Portland from the East Coast. About three years ago, Susan began working with RAC personal trainer Kimberly Berg in order to maintain strength, flexibility, and boost her confidence. And while she was aware of Kimberly’s experience having worked with individuals who suffer from Parkinson ’s disease, it wasn’t an area of concern for her or David, until last spring, when he was diagnosed with the condition.

David began working with Kimberly immediately; attending her class three times a week in addition to his regular basketball/Pilates/swimming schedule, and found it to be helpful in many ways. David has found not only the fitness component of the program extremely beneficial, but the camaraderie and support offered by working with a group of other mature adults with Parkinson’s, has proved to be an uplifting experience.

Bethany Athletic Club Feature

Bob Koller joined Bethany Athletic Club in 2009 because he was interested in establishing a regular exercise program. After his retirement he found it was difficult to keep motivated enough to exercise on a daily basis. Sally Bovero set Bob up with a regime, including a comprehensive introduction to the equipment he would need to use. Bob has since maintained a regular schedule of exercise six days per week—only missing several days for an appointment or because he was sick. It wasn’t long before Bob also joined Sally’s Balance, Strength and Agility class, and is now a regular participant.

Sally has greatly enjoyed getting to know Bob since they first met in 2009, saying, “Bob Koller is a delight because he’s such a hard worker and has a great attitude…he has made huge improvements in his ability to walk more efficiently and for longer periods of time.”

Bob reports that at his most recent physical he weighed sixteen pounds less and feels, “…much better as a result of the exercise and healthier eating habits,” and intends to continue with the program. He will be 80 years “young” this November.

Hawthorn Farm Athletic Club Feature

Hawthorn Farm’s Basic Balance group class (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30-11:15 am) offers participants the opportunity to work on gaining strength, flexibility, and balance through regular attendance. Participants have reported benefits ranging from decreased dizziness/fewer stumbles, to having to rely less on canes or other aids. And most everyone in the group has seen improvement with daily life functioning.

Basic Balance participant Sharyl says, “Last year at this time I had to use a walker, as I could not keep my balance enough to keep from falling to the ground, and earlier this spring I could not even ride my bike a 100 feet without falling over. Now I can ride all over town and take my 3-year-old granddaughter in the bike cart without the fear of hurting her. This class has done a lot to help me gain [back] the balance and strength that I needed to accomplish everyday tasks.”

Program Manager Annie Flitcroft explains that the Balance Class also offers the added benefits (such as camaraderie between participants) associated with a group setting, “Everyone is welcome and you are missed when you are gone. The group has coffee after class once a month and the friendships created are highly valued. The warmth and friendliness of the group creates an inviting, energizing environment to grow within.”

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Experience the Power of Restorative Yoga at Bethany Athletic Club

Countless studies have illustrated the physical and emotional benefits of Restorative Yoga, including providing the mind and body a space to heal and renew, lowering heart rate and blood pressure, and stimulating the immune system.  Join Amy Harris at Bethany Athletic Club for a 2 hour Restorative Yoga Workshop on Saturday, October 23rd (11:00 am). 

The workshop will be held in the Mind/Body Bar, so space is limited.  Please register at the Front Desk.  $20 members / $30 nonmembers.

For more information, contact: Bethany Athletic Club

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